The Freemasonry Squared Team is currently working on a variety of different projects, that will continue to bring easily accessible information expressed in multiple methods about Freemasonry.

  1. Book project
    • The Freemasonry Squared Team is currently working to put a manuscript on Freemasonry! While the details of the contents are still under deliberation this is just one of the many projects that our administration and creative teams have been working on.
  2. The Freemasonry Squared Documentary
    • The Freemasonry Squared Team has been brainstorming on future destinations, Lodges, sites and interesting stories that have thrived only within the walls of the lodge. While the contents of the documentary are going to strictly abide our obligations the comradery, history and stories of our brothers will shine light on why our beloved Craft has survived the test of time.
  3. Our clothing & accessory line
    • We have designed clothing and accessories for the brother that wants to share his masonic affiliation publicly and proudly. We have also designed clothing that is more discrete but recognizable if one knows their masonic symbolism. Currently our 3.5 x 6″ Major League Free & Accepted/ Ancient Free & Accepted Masons stickers are available for purchase in the Freemasonry Squared Store. Lastly, the Freemasonry Squared team is close to revealing our masonic affiliation hats! All this and more is soon to come. Stay connected by following us on any one of our social media pages, signing up for our news letter or subscribing to our Masonic Blog: The Secret Chamber.