Exemplary Mason Award



In order to make the proper selection for the Exemplary Mason Award, listed below is the criteria to be taken into consideration. Since this award is a “Blue Lodge” award, emphasis will be placed in Blue Lodge activities. Other criteria should be used lightly, or in the case of a tie.


  1. ** Service to the Blue Lodge both presently and in the past
  2. ** Ongoing service to HIS blue Lodge
  3. **Service to the Grand Lodge
  4. Knowing and practicing Masonic teachings
  5. Time in the Fraternity
  6. Participation in Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shrine, Eastern Star, Youth groups, etc.
  7. Contributions to the community
  8. Honors and awards within and outside of Masonry
  9. Knowing and practicing the Ritual


**Emphasis should be applied to each of these and should carry the most weight in your evaluation.


Resumes for all candidates must be received by the chairman no later than April 1, 2017. Submit all candidates resumes to: