Are you a brother?

Freemasonry Squared includes a Masonic community forum for master masons only. All that are to be admitted must be “Properly vouched for” by a brother of the fraternity. The Freemasonry Squared Community observes strict rules and regulations regarding the integrity of the site and community forum. Before registering for membership, please familiarize yourselves with the Website Policies to avoid an negative repercussions up to but not limited to being blackballed from the community. Below are listed instructions on how to become a member of the Freemasonry Squared masonic community forum and how to get properly vouched for.

  1. In order to be properly vouched for, you must personally know a brother that’s already a member of the masonic community.
  2. If that brother that’s already a member is willing to put his name on the line for you and properly vouch for you, he may send a personal invitation to you.
  3. Once, you’ve received that invitation, it will direct you to the Freemasonry Squared registration form.
  1. All members that register for membership must use their real first and last name and follow the terms and aggreements of the Member Profile Policies and accounts.
  1. The registration form must be filled out correctly and completely.
  2. Lastly, Read the Rules & Regulations before posting or inviting another brother.