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1. What is Freemasonry? Freemasonry is a gentlemen’s fraternal organization or men’s fraternity.

2. Who do Freemasons worship? Members of the fraternity are asked on their petition for blue lodge membership, if they believe in a “Supreme Being”. The answer to this question lies in the heart of the individual. The fraternity DOES NOT dictate who or what a person should worship. This includes but is not limited to secular established religion, deity or deities. The rules to join the fraternity require a man to have a belief in a supreme being.

3. What do Freemasons do? The fraternity utilizes a progressive moral science taught by degrees. Freemasons learn, live and teach these precepts within the confines of a blue lodge.

4. What is a Blue Lodge? A Blue Lodge is the lodge at which the three degrees of Masonry are conducted. Not to be confused with a Mother Lodge.

5. What is a Mother Lodge? A Mother Lodge is the Blue Lodge at which you were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

6. Do the Freemasons rule the world? No, the Freemasons DO NOT rule the world. It’s difficult enough to get a group of masons to make a simple change to their Mother Lodge. If Freemasons ruled the world there wouldn’t be so many dilapidated lodges.

7. Do the Freemasons worship Satan? No, the Freemasons DO NOT worship Satan. This rumor began when the Order of the Knights Templar was disbanded in 1307 then The Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques DeMolay, was burned to death on the stake outside the Notre Dame Church in Paris by Philip IV of France and Pope Clement V, on Friday, March 13th, 1314 after unsuccessful trials to get an admittance of guilt for heresy. Additionally propagated in 1890, in lieu of the Leo Taxil Hoax. Unfortunately, many are willing to believe what they hear on YouTube, rather then critically thinking and researching the facts. Thus, this rumor is still alive and well.
Sub-Question: Do the Freemasons promote a Luciferin Doctrine? No, the propagation of this myth stems from the Anti-Masonic propaganda of Mr. Leo Taxil, in his Palladium pamphlets: Depicting a woman outside a Palladium meeting. Inside, Freemasons worshiping Baphomet copied from Mr. Eliphas Levi. The Quote commonly used, to slander the fraternity alluded to Lucifer and Adonai, and how they are one and so forth. It continues that the secret name is only revealed to Scottish Right Masons of the 31st, 32nd, and 33rd degree. Let us explain the holes; first, you can become a Scottish Rite 32nd degree mason in a manner of a weekend in the united states. In fact, the participant doesn’t even have to have all of the degrees in order to be a 32nd degree S.R. Mason. Thus, is would make zero sense to have an alleged secret that is so important in degrees that are so readily accessible.

8. Why are the Freemasons so secretive? This is a common misconception passed on by anti-masonic propaganda. The Fraternity has modes of recognition, mainly Hand shakes, passwords and mannerisms. This is similar to having a Key Fob to enter your local gym, having a key ring card for your chosen grocery market discounts, and having a numerical digit code to enter your apartment complex or private gated community. All of which, are required to simply confirm that you’re a member and have made the necessary prerequisites to obtain the rights of its members. It may seem a bit archaic being that in the 21st century we commonly use daily, new and up-to-date modes of recognition but Freemasonry has a vast history of traditions and while these traditions may be slightly outdated they nevertheless are the traditions of the Craft. As for the secrecy of initiation ceremonies, it’s simple. The teaching, ceremony contents and Lodge rights are subject to its membership only. If you’re not part of a golf clubs membership, you don’t get to use its club house. You cannot go up to a Greek fraternity or sorority for that matter and request their initiation ritual notes. They’ll send you on your way empty handed because none of them wish to ruin the experience for those who are genuinely interested in joining the fraternity.

9. Are the Freemasons, The Illuminati? No, The Freemasons are NOT the Illuminati, The Bavarian Illuminati or any other real or fictitious group involved with such groups. During the Enlightenment-era the Illuminati was founded on May 1st, 1776. Their goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life (you must think about that in terms of the time period) and abuses of state power. Its founder was Adam Weishaupt who was, in fact, a Freemason but that does not give weight to a factual connection just because one or even a few Masons were part of the original Illuminati; that the generalized statement can paint the entire fraternity with such accusations. This would be as unwise as blanketing an entire race for being poor or bad people because of their affiliations.

10. Do the Freemasons run the Federal Reserve? No, Freemasons DO NOT run or have control over the Federal Reserve.

11. Did the Freemasons put the Eye of Providence, seen on the reverse of the Great seal of the United States on the US $1 bill? No, The Freemasons did NOT put the Eye of Providence on the US $1 bill. Among the members of the various design committees for the Great Seal, only Benjamin Franklin was a Mason (and his ideas for the seal were not adopted). In fact, if his Ideas were adopted, The US would have a turkey as its official bird. Something we don’t think the American eagle would appreciate.

12. Are the Freemasons, the New World Order? No, the large group of organizations tied into the list of malicious activities goes directly against the moral ethics and obligations of the fraternity. To name a few of such organization that have been banished to the conspiracy list are:

Council on Foreign Relations

Trilateral Commission

Bilderberg Group

European Union

Untied Nations

The World Bank

International Monetary Fund

North American Union

Just to name a few. Freemasonry does have a worldwide membership growing over 6 million plus so we cannot say that there may be Freemasons that work for a facet of any one of these organizations. We can however, say with certainty, that the Freemasons DO NOT control or have some sort of malevolent agenda in the works.

13. Are the Freemasons behind the mysterious acquisitions about the Denver International Airport? There have been claims that the Denver International Airport is the head quarters for the New World Order. Since Freemasonry is not the N.W.O., nor is connected to any order currently acting on behalf of such an organization, we cannot say if there’s any truth behind this fanatical claim but we do highly doubt it. The only piece that Freemasonry contributed to the International Airport is a Time Capsule located in the great hall terminal. The time capsule was dedicated by Denver Mayor Wellington E. Webb, Governor Roy R. Romer and Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena, Not to Mention Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of A.F. &A.M. of Colorado: MWB Benjamin H. Bell and The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Lodge F.&A.M. of Colorado: MWB Claude W. Gray Sr. on March 19th, 1994. Some of the contents include children’s paintings from a local elementary school. Below is an open letter from Mr. Steve Snyder Public Affairs Office or the Denver International Airport:
“We have received BOTH of your emails, and we will provide the information you requested within an appropriate time-frame. These questions have been asked ad nauseam by groups like yours throughout the nine-year history of this airport, and quite frankly, they are not our highest priority right now. All of this information has been discussed publicly over and over during the years, and you can select whatever explanation you choose to believe. I have asked our Art Director to find biographical information about the artist who painted the piece you questioned.

She can also provide a fact-sheet on the piece itself. She will also provide some fact sheets about the artwork in the floor. As for the “new world” designation, the New World Airport Commission was simply a group consisting of local business and political leaders who sponsored and organized a number of pre-opening events at Denver International Airport. The airport was to usher in a new era making Denver a world-class city, thus the New World name. The group has absolutely no association with the new world order. And the underground facilities are just baggage tunnels that are used every day by hundreds of airline workers to take luggage to and from the Terminal.
However, these explanations rarely satisfy people who love to believe in conspiracy theories and who are convinced that Denver International Airport is at the center of something sinister. It is important to keep in mind that this airport was the largest, most scrutinized Public Works project in American history. There were cameras and reporters here documenting every single inch of dirt ever moved.

If something strange was going on out here, hundreds of media outlets would have been all over it by now. I’m surprised it took you nine years to send this email. I will get back to you with the information you requested so that you may post it to your web site. Of course, I’m betting you will probably post this as well”.

Steve Snyder
Public Affairs Office
Denver International Airport

14. What is a Mason? A Mason (A.K.A. Freemason) is a current and good standing member of the fraternity Freemasonry.

15. How Many Freemasons are there in the world? According to an audit by the Grand Lodge of England a while back, at that time there were 6 million plus members. That’s not including members in other jurisdictions such as Ireland and Scotland. http://www.ugle.org.uk/what-is-freemasonry/frequently-asked-questions

16. What goes on in a Freemason meeting? Masonic meetings, just like other membership oriented groups, are open to members only and are separated in to two parts. The first, consist of Minuets of the meeting previously held, introducing and balloting for new and potential members, reviewing and voting on annual accounts, updates and news about our charitable works and correspondence. The second, is utilized for Initiation of new members and annual installations of Lodge Officers (Installations are one of few ceremonies open to the public).

17. To be a Freemasons, do you have to sacrifice an animal, family member, or children? Absolutely NOT! We’re not sure how this particular theory came into fruition but membership is based off a man’s character and morals, not by any sort of sacrifice.

18. Does Freemasonry accept Roman Catholics? Yes, there have been many Grand Masters, Lodge Masters and Master Masons that are Roman Catholic Freemasons. The Roman Catholic Church however may or may not find issue with your affiliation.

19. Are there Women Freemasons? Yes, although under the jurisdiction of the UGLE, the Freemason fraternity is restricted to men. Women Freemasons have two separate Grand Lodges, which are restricted to Women.

20. How many Degrees are there in Freemasonry? There are three degrees that make up Freemasonry; they are the Entered Apprentice, the Fellow Craft and the Master Mason degree.

21. Will joining the Freemasons make you rich? No, joining the Freemasons will not make you rich in a monetary sense. You will not make money or become rich and powerful. Freemasonry will however make you rich in spirit, friendship and brotherly love.

22. How do I become a Freemason? If interested in joining the fraternity, you should search out the closest Blue Lodge within proximity. When you find such a lodge, reach out to them and express your interest. They will act accordingly. Usually by creating a correspondence and inquiring a little about yourself. They may even invite you to visit the lodge and meet its members. Every state, country and Grand lodge is sovereign, which means it governs its rules and regulations how they wish. In our jurisdiction the potential candidate must get to know or already know a mason for six months and have two masons willing to sign and vouch for his character as a gentleman before he can submit his petition. Then and only then will you be instructed on the next step.

23. Do Freemasons worship a goat? No, Freemasons do not worship a goat. The goat myth is partial continued by masons themselves but has its roots in the Leo Taxil Hoax.

24. Is there really goat in the degree ceremonies? No, you will not have to “ride the goat”. This is something some masons will say to haze new candidates preparing for their Entered Apprentice Degree. Believe it or not, a mechanical rideable goat was once sold by masonic and fraternal vendors when they caught wind of this myth. It was used in some lodges in the past before the organization of the Scottish Rite, York Rite and Shriner bodies. It was mostly used as a part of the Fun degrees.

25. How did the goat myth start? To understand the myth, you have to understand a little about the fraternity. Freemasonry does not dictate what religious beliefs, secular denominations, theology etc. nor does it tell or preach to its members which his supreme being he should subscribe to. That being said, the fraternity references the “ALL” as the Great Architect Of The Universe or G.A.O.T.U. Once Upon a time, in the vast array of masonic rituals before the organization of basic ritual structure, there was a ritual codex that referenced the “ALL” as God Of All Things” or G.O.A.T.

Well, anyone that got there hands on the masonic codex attempting to reveal any of the super duper secrets of freemasonry saw G.O.A.T. and assumed it was literally a goat. Together with the Leo Taxil Hoax, this myth has been added to as fact by YouTube enthusiast that have no clear research of historical evidence.